Thank you for participating in the Sexton Mountain Jog-A-Thon

Thank you to all of our families for supporting the PTC’s biggest fundraiser for the year! Together we raised $36,270.15!


Prizes will be distributed next week.

  • If your child raised at least $25, they will receive a Sparky the Eagle squish ball.

  • If your child raised at least $100, they will receive a Sexton Mountain backpack.

  • The highest three fundraisers are Arjun Kamath, Jack Mankiewicz, and Harper Ellis.   They will be receiving a gift card from Piccolo Mondo.

  • The Raffle Winner receives a $100 gift card. Winner to be announced soon.

  • The highest-earning class wins a read-aloud with Mrs. Kimball and special guest as well as a copy of the book. The winning class is Mrs. Dorr's class.

  • The top-earning class in each grade wins an extra 15-minute recess.  The winning classes are:  G. Smith, Yarats, Weigel, Shoemaker, Dorr, Demmitt.

  • The top-earning grade level wins $250 for the teachers to spend on something cool for your classrooms. The winning grade is 4th grade!