Fundraising helps support the needs of our school, our students and our staff at SMES. Although we receive funding from the district for priority needs, we need to supplement that in order to maintain or replace many of the outdated items in our school. Technology is a key resource for our students and yet the computers, classroom systems and ipads the kids have to use on a daily basis are extremely out of date, creating unnecessary interruptions (and frustrations!) in their day. The PTC strives to help our children succeed by ensuring the students are set up for success with the items they need rather than dealing with situations that impede their school day - whether it's a safe, new playground to help increase safety for our students or providing additional budget for teachers to support new programs in the classroom. PTC fundraising also provides funding for field trips, enrichment programs, and family-friendly events (like Bingo night!) as well as supports programs for the Arts, science and physical education programs.


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