Sparky's Library To Go

Bringing Sexton Mountain books to your home

Here's an easy way to keep students reading as we start the year remotely. Use Sparky's Library to Go to request and check out books from the Sexton Mountain library. Three times a week, we'll host curbside pick up so you can grab your books and start reading.

How families request books

There are several ways you can choose books:

How do I know when to pick up my books?

​Starting the week of November 30th, there will be a couple changes in our schedule and how students can pick up book bundles from the Sexton Mountain Library:

  • Mondays -- Curbside distribution will be consolidated in one afternoon. Drop by Sexton Mountain on Mondays between 2:30 and 4:00 pm to pick up bundles of books or to grab your holds. 

  • Wednesdays -- Our Book Bus will be moving to Wednesdays so students can visit during asynchronous learning days. The route and times will be the same. Check the Smore for details about when and where we’ll be.

If you're picking up a hold for a student, you can drop by during any school day between 9 and 4. You'll receive a confirmation email when the book is ready.


If these times and days don't work for your schedule, please email We'll find a way to get books to your readers!

Need a recommendation?

Feel stuck and not sure what to read next? Fill out this form, and Ms. Kimball will share some thoughts.

Returning library books

Bring books back to Sexton Mountain during the curbside hours above and leave them in labelled bins. Any questions? Contact

For more updated information check out Ms. Kimball's newsletter:

Sparky's Book Bus

Every Wednesday, drop by Sparky's Book Bus and grab a book bundle or two. Here’s where and approximately when we’ll be at our five bus stops:


  • 1:31 to 1:56 -- SW Flagstone Drive at 157th Ave

  • 1:58 to 2:23 -- SW Sexton Mountain Drive at SW Cornelian Way

  • 2:27 to 2:57 -- SW Sapphire Drive at 153rd Ave

  • 3:03 to 3:27 -- 6952 SW Tierra Del Mar

  • 3:30 to 3:55 -- Carlsbad Drive and Carolwood Park